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About Mecsmart

Our served markets are primarily in USMCA. The Company specializes in technology based automation systems & products for industrial sectors ranging from automotive, pulp / green products to consumer packaging. The Company operates out of Ontario, Canada with administration, sales & marketing in Michigan, USA. Mecsmart has collaborations in Europe and Mexico to support global platforms.

Integrating the demands of complex manufacturing processes requires a highly organized & efficient focused approach. These are not individual processes, but the structure, cooperation & the communication abilities of the entire project team including the client, ensures that the return on investment goals are met.

Sales & Applications

Clients benefit from the Mecsmart team of account managers and applications engineers who provide detailed, cost-effective solutions to all their automation needs.

Advanced Engineering & Development

Full engineering service: conceptulization, design and complete drawings. Utilizing solidworks & Eplan. All robotic applications are trialed & simulated utilizing Octupuz software.

Project Management

Mecsmart’s clients interact with an individually assigned Project Manager to ensure timely and effectual project development. The Project Manager ensures technical and customer specifications are adhered to and all customer milestones dates are tracked.

Methods Engineering

Cost reduction, on-time delivery and continuous quality improvement are assured by specially developed modules for repeat processes developed exclusively for Mecsmart's customers.

Mechanical Engineering

Clients draw upon the process and product experience that the Mecsmart mechanical engineers and designers offer to provide the ideal automation solution for their needs.

Electrical & Process Controls Engineering

The specialized electrical and process controls engineers at Mecsmart provide experience to clients’ popular factory floor processes, PLCs, data acquisition, welding process monitoring, robot and vision systems. Mecscmart is proficient in Allen-Bradley, Omron and Siemens operating systems.